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Remote Learning Updates

March 27, 2020

Dear Students and Parents, 

In light of the bittersweet departure of our residential students, returning to their homes abroad in many different countries and time zones, we are looking for ways to accommodate our students abroad to access classes "live" as much as possible. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to make this happen is to move as many classes in the morning time slot as possible. Therefore, we are switching the timing of the two blocks: "Office Hours" and “F period” on Wednesdays, starting this week and continuing through the remaining remote-instruction plan. The new weekly schedule is below and has been updated throughout our course scheduling. 

Thank you for your flexibility. 

Stay far away from each other and stay healthy!

Joseph Minnich   
Assistant Director of Studies

FAQs: Google Classroom

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is Google Classroom?

    A. A central place to keep class information and assignments, as well as a communication tool for teachers and students.
  • Q. How do I access Google Classroom?

    Q. First, sign into Google with your FA email address. Like all Google products, Classroom can be accessed by typing into the search/address bar. So, in this case,
  • Q. What will I see when I get there?

    A. All your classes, and your advisory, will have a Classroom set up for you. You will have to join the newly-set-up classes; check your email for invitations.
  • Q. How often should I check Classroom?

    A. Whenever you are notified of an update in any of your classes, as well as during scheduled class periods. We encourage you to download the mobile Classroom app and turn on notifications just like you would for a social media app. If you do this, you can unsubscribe from email notifications.
  • Q. What Classroom features will I need to know how to use?

    A. The main ones you need to use are the Stream and Classwork. Teachers and advisors may also use other features and we will provide additional training for those. Pay attention to the Classroom training video in the Remote Learning Help section on the Student Portal webpage as well as other upcoming videos.
  • Q. What else should I know about Classroom?

    A. Just remember, Classroom is like any other tool- if used correctly and well, it can be a big help. If you don’t check it enough, or understand how to use it, it’s not as effective. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the basics, whether by using the school’s training videos or by asking a friend or classmate. Be patient, attentive, and above all, remember- we’re all in this together!

Attendance Policy

Students will need to be in class every period they are required to be unless they are too sick to do so. If your parents or guardians need to excuse you due to illness, they should email and answer the questions in the automated Google form. Attendance will be taken in each class and may be a part of your grade. 

Please note: International students in different time zones may reach out to their teachers to arrange times to meet for their coursework.

FAQs: Google Meet

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What the heck is Google Meet?

    A. Google Meet ( is a virtual meeting tool, screenshare, and recorder that we will use in classes and advisory to connect with students face-to-face(s) as well as later.
  • Q. Have I used this before?

    A. This is probably a new program for most, if not all, students. Google has recently unlocked some features (like meeting recording) that make this an even more useful tool than before.  If you've ever used the video parts of Google Hangouts, you've basically used Meet.
  • Q. How will my teachers use Meet?

    A. The primary use for students will be as a virtual class meeting space. An unlimited number of students can join a Meet, and your teacher can see all of your smiling faces. Additionally, teachers can present their screen to you, as well as record the entire Meet for students to watch on Classroom later.  Remember, your teachers are learning this tool too, so be kind to them and take your time.
  • Q. How do I get to a Meet?

    A. Your teacher will post a Meet link to your Classroom page. Just click on the link, JOIN, and go! Want to meet with some friends for work or just for fun? You can create your own anytime as well by going to
  • Q. What features in Meet will I need to use?

    A. The primary feature will be the online meeting, but you may also need to learn to Present to share your screen. Watch the Meet training video in the Remote Learning Help section on the Student Portal webpage.
  • Q. What if I don’t have consistent Internet access or my connection is weak?

    A. You can actually voice call into a Meet from a mobile phone or even a landline. It’s a free call.
  • Q. Are there any other tips and tricks about using Meet? 

    A. Again, Meet is just a tool- and a new one for almost everyone at FA. Treat it like you would a classroom: be respectful, quiet, and present. Also, don’t worry about how you look and sound- everyone feels that way at first! See you soon, and happy Meet-ing! 

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