FA’s Winter Sports Awards Assembly Recognizes Student-Athletes

On Tuesday, March 22nd,  Fryeburg Academy celebrated the winter sports season with its annual winter sports awards assembly held in the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center. The following student-athletes were recognized for their outstanding performance during the winter 2021-22 season:

All-Academic Team, Seniors with a GPA of 3.2 or higher
Ian Jacobson, Alpine Ski    
Danali Jensen, Alpine Ski    
Ethan Nemeth, Alpine Ski    
Aaron Zakon, Alpine Ski    
Leah Charles, Boys Basketball    
Molly Pratt, Boys Basketball    
Kailyn Canfield, Girls Basketball    
Brooke Emery, Girls Basketball    
Camden Jones, Girls Basketball    
Adriana Mas Soto, Girls Basketball    
Kathryn McIntyre, Girls Basketball    
Shelby Purslow, Girls Basketball    
Emma Rydman, Girls Basketball    
Sebastian Drosa, Indoor Track    
Amanda Howe, Indoor Track    
Joseph Jensen, Indoor Track    
Yungyeong Jung, Indoor Track    
Padric McGrath, Indoor Track    
Sophia Milo, Indoor Track    
Bueri Yoon, Indoor Track    
Alanna Nataluk, Nordic    
Issei Amayak Martirosyan, Wrestling    
Yongseok Yoo, Wrestling    

Three-Star Jackets
Juliette Albert '22
Charles Campbell '22
Adriana Gil Garces '22
Ethan Nemeth '22
Haden Fox '23
Colton McCarthy '23
Peyton McMurtray '23
Samantha Winterbottom '23
Jilyan Byrne '24
Jordan Dutton '24
Greta Grant '24
Maya Mahan '24

All-Conference Team 
Sydney Shaw '24, 3rd Team, Girls' Basketball
Brooke Emery '22, Honorable Mention, Girls' Basketball
Emily Walker '22, Honorable Mention, Girls' Basketball
Alanna Nataluk '22, All-Conference and All-State, Nordic Skiing
William Hallam '22, 3rd Team, Boys' Basketball
Eliza Thorne '23, WMC All-Stars, Alpine
Hogan Bemis '23, WMC All-Stars, Alpine
Bernat Parramon Tarres '25, WMC All-Stars, Alpine
Holden Edenbach '25, WMC All-Stars, Alpine
Owen Galligan '23, First Team All-State, Ice Hockey
Caleb Micklon '23, Second Team All-State, Ice Hockey
Noah Grant '22, Second Team All-State, Ice Hockey
Greta Grant '24, All-Conference, Ice Hockey
Jacob Adams '23, All-Conference, Indoor Track

Individual Team Awards
Samantha Winterbottom '23, Coaches' Award    
Bridget Whelan '25, Most Improved Skier    
Denali Jensen '22, Coaches' Award    
Ian Jacobson '22, Coaches' Award    
Nordic Skiing    
Alanna Nataluk '22, Most Valuable Skier           
Ice Hockey    
Noah Grant  '22, MVP    
Owen Galligan '23, Coaches' Award    
Indoor Track    
Jacob Adams '23, Coaches' Award    
Joseph Jensen '22, Coaches' Award    
Padric McGrath '22, Coaches' Award    
Enna Carbone '25, Coaches' Award    
Girls' Basketball    
Maya Mahan '24, Coaches' Award    
Adriana Mas Soto '22, Raider Plaque    
Boys' Basketball    
Bobby Hallam '22, MVP    
Will Hallam '23, Offensive Player of the Year    
Jordan Zerner '23, Defensive Player of the Year    
Job Fox '22, Outstanding Wrestler    
Joey Fusco '24, Most Improved     


List of 5 news stories.

  • USDA Awards over $70 Million in Grants, Maine’s Fryeburg Academy among awardees

    Boston, MA, July 26, 2022 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it is awarding more than $10 million in Farm to School Grants to 123 projects across the country. Additionally, for the first time, the department is empowering states with $60 million in non-competitive grants to develop stronger and sustainable Farm to School programs over the next four years. Both actions will help more kids nationwide eat healthy, homegrown foods.
  • FA Celebrates Faculty Years of Service

    On June 8, 2022, the Academy recognized faculty and staff for their years of service at the end-of-year staff meeting held in the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center.  Congratulations to the following faculty/staff who were recognized:

  • 1,000 Paper Origami Cranes & the Wish for Peace

    It was almost serendipitous that two simultaneous Peace Crane Projects were in the works during April and May to create an astounding 1,000 paper origami cranes. The project's roots are based on the ancient Japanese origami art form, where delicate and colorful kami paper is folded into ornate objects. And, according to ancient legend, "anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods." In this particular case, peace for Ukraine. 
  • FA Finance Class Teams Take First Place in the Maine Stock Market Game

    Students in mathematics teacher William Frey’s finance classes very successfully participated this semester in the SIFMA Foundation’s renowned ‘Stock Market Game,’ achieving a 1.9767% average return above S&P 500 growth– the lead return among the ten Maine schools participating. 
  • FA Places Second in the Biomimicry Institute’s 2021-22 Youth Design Challenge

    For a second consecutive year, Fryeburg Academy students placed in the top rankings in the Biomimicry Institute's 2021-22 Biomimicry Challenge. The team placed first last year with their MorphoBrick concept; they placed second this year, out of 125 competing teams from 12 countries, with their Syntrichia Hydrotrap design concept.

    FA's Biomimicry Challenger team, led by FA faculty member Jennifer Richardson, includes the following students: Yuna Lee '23, Grace Liu '23, Daryna Serediuk '22, May Shin '23, Stella Yoon '22, and Zoe Jung '22. This year's challenge was an advanced STEM-based competition that essentially had two goals: first, the design was required to model the structural and functional adaptation of at least one living organism. Secondly, the design needed to identify an environmental problem and propose a sustainable solution.

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