Drew and Margaret Sanborn

"Page and Paper:  Celebrating the Book"  A Collection of Photography by Drew and Margaret Sanborn
During the month of November and December 2018, the Goldberg Gallery at Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine is pleased to announce that it will host a collection of photographs featuring the work of Drew and Margaret Lindsay Sanborn.  The Sanborns’ photographic works are a blend of similar, yet differently focused sensibilities. Because they photograph and exhibit together, the Sanborns often spend hours working at the same location. “It could be an old farm, a rare book library, a historic location, or an unusual landscape,” explains Drew. We mix our work together,” adds Margaret, “Because we think our photographs speak to each other. They are fine photographs on their own, but next to each other, they are better.”
Although the Sanborns’ work ranges over a variety of subjects, a common thread is their interest in books and history. They prowl around antiquarian bookstores and libraries where collections of vintage books can be found. Their own and their friends’ collections of antique books are all viewed with a contemporary eye on finding beauty in those forgotten, and maybe no longer valued objects.
About the artists:
Drew and Margaret Sanborn reside in Bridgton, Maine.  Margaret, with a Ph.D. in English medieval literature, was a teacher and college dean. She prided herself on convincing college football players that they loved Beowulf. She is currently the Co-President of Bridgton’s Rufus Porter Museum Board of Trustees. Drew has a master’s degree in visual arts and poetry from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He is a long time photographer and poet. He was the editor of two college alumni magazines and produced many college admissions publications. Margaret and Drew spent most of their professional lives at the University of New Hampshire, Wesleyan University in CT, and Trinity College in CT

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