Liese Gauthier

"Silent Song" - A Collection of Abstract Paintings by Liese Gauthier
During March and April 2018, the Goldberg Gallery at Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine is pleased to announce that it will host an abstract painting exhibit, featuring the work of artist Liese Gauthier.  Gauthier began painting in April 2012. While at a friend's house for dinner, an abstract painting her friend created caught her eye, and she thought that it looked like fun. Gauthier recalls that at the time “she had no idea how to paint, how to hold a brush, how much paint to use, or even how to make a clean line.”  Her friend taught her some techniques, beginning Gauthier’s journey to creating her abstract work.

“Abstract art is like poetry without words,” says Gauthier.  “[It’s] like a song before the lyrics start or classical music that you have learned to listen to. And like classical music, you are allowed to feel the piece simply. Stop, take a moment, and see how it moves you — if it does at all.”

Gauthier, however, lacked the confidence to continue painting abstract work and decided to prove herself by painting more traditional landscapes and still life paintings for a few years.  Despite being well received, she became tired of painting what was already there and so returned to her love of abstract painting. Gauthier’s love of learning led her to study the principles of painting and become the joyful practice it is for her today. “Like all art, abstract painting takes time to learn how to make it and how to view it,” continues Gauthier. “But it can be an easy lesson. Begin with looking. Stop for a moment and ask yourself: ‘Is this a feeling that I want to live with? Is this a song I want worming through my brain, coloring my day? If so, that is all you need…’”

Gauthier lives with her family in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire where she neglects the housework to find time to paint.

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