Students in the Center

For more than two centuries, the stewardship of Fryeburg Academy’s alumni, families, and friends have enabled it to remain true to its mission and meet the demands of its present and future. The school needs that stewardship again now. We request that you consider your capacity to give generously, and we ask you to make a gift to the Students in the Center Campaign.
Students in the Center Campaign


Established just over 225 years ago, Fryeburg Academy is only a few years younger than our nation itself. It is one of only 21 remaining “town academies” in New England, an independent high school commissioned throughout its history by Fryeburg and surrounding towns with educating their children; they have never built a public secondary school. FA is a source of pride and an important economic mainstay for its community.
The Academy currently enrolls 560 students, 405 of whom are day students, and 155 who attend as resident students and live in one of five dormitories. With 17 countries represented, the boarding program brings a very international mix to this Western Maine school; the overall cultural, racial, intellectual, and socioeconomic diversity offered here is unique and deeply treasured.

FA’s campus and facilities have evolved over the years, of course, to meet new educational demands, extend special opportunities, and accommodate growth. Visitors often comment on how collegiate the place feels, remarking also on the beauty of our structures and the great fortune of students who get to learn and play within them. Many of these facilities were made possible by generous support by alumni and friends; the school’s most successful capital campaign was the Phoenix Project, commenced in 2005. The $9.3 million that it garnered in gifts enabled construction of a new performing arts center and gymnasium, two remarkable facilities that have tremendously benefitted students and the community.

The Academy had run its very first capital campaign, ‘The Crossroads Campaign,’ just 21 years prior, in 1984. Described in late November, 1983 by board president Bernard E. Kolkhorst as “antiquated and overcrowded,” the then-current dining room only sufficed in size for boarding students, and it was dangerously located across the very busy route 302. Mr. Kolkhorst wrote, “Ethically and practically, a new facility is long overdue, and the importance of an expanded and safer dining room will benefit local and boarding students alike.” Fundraising efforts resulted in gifts totaling $142,060 to be applied to the total project cost. The completed building was dedicated to former headmaster Elroy O. LaCasce on October 13, 1984.


Christopher M. Gordon ‘81, Chair; President, Board of Trustees
Steven P. Cote ’85, Vice President, Board of Trustees
Brenda Thibodeau, Secretary, Board of Trustees
Mary Ellen Davey ’78, Board of Trustees
Sheila Duane ‘82, Board of Trustees
Gary MacFarlane ‘72, Board of Trustees
Samuel P. Harding, Board of Trustees
Punyo Ho ‘95, Board of Trustees
Bradford Littlefield ‘80, Board of Trustees
Bradley B. Nelson ‘65, Board of Trustees
Jessica Russell ‘81, Board of Trustees
Erin P. Mayo, Head of School
Joseph R. Manning, Assistant Head of School

Jeremy L. Angell ‘99, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Capital Projects
David Powers, Facilities Manager
Alan Whitaker ‘77, Director of Food Services
Matthew Lounsbury, Faculty
Kaylin Delaney ‘17, Student
Tucker Gordon, Friend


Shannon D. McKeen ‘81, Chair; Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Brenda Thibodeau, Secretary, Board of Trustees
John Chandler ‘78, Board of Trustees
Michael H. Hill ‘79, Board of Trustees
Joseph Shaffner ‘81, Board of Trustees
Erin P. Mayo, Head of School
Joseph R. Manning, Assistant Head of School
Dawn Gale ‘81, Director, Academy Fund & Alumni Relations

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