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Snow Sports


Winter Aerial view of Fryeburg Academy campus covered in snow.
Skier racing down the mountain with distant mountain range peeking over the ledge on a bright, sunny day.

From Beginner to Pro — We've Got the Snow Sport to Fit Your Skills.

Fryeburg Academy's Snow Sports program is a great opportunity for students of all levels to experience the thrills of skiing and snowboarding while surrounded by the breathtaking winter scenery of Maine.

Led by experienced instructors, the program provides individualized attention and expert guidance to help each student improve their technique and gain the confidence needed to shred the slopes like a pro. But the program is not just about skiing and snowboarding it also offers a range of other winter activities, including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice climbing, and ice skating.

Whether you are a seasoned pro looking to take your skills to the next level or a beginner eager to learn a new sport, Fryeburg Academy's Snow Sports program is the perfect way to stay active, have fun, and develop a lifelong love for winter sports.

MWV Ski + Study Program

Ski Racer and MWV Ski Logo

The MWV Ski & Study program allows athletes to train and race with MWVST while attending school and living at Fryeburg Academy, for all or part of the season. Take advantage of over 40 Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes along with our individualized Tutorial Support program. 

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"I never thought I could combine my love for skiing and my studies until I joined Fryeburg Academy's MWV Ski and Study Program. It's been a great experience so far, and the teachers have been very accomodating with my crazy practice and race schedules. I'm grateful for this opportunity to pursue my passion for racing in the Super-G!"

Snowboarders take a photo during night skiing.

Intro to Snow Sports

Our Snow Sports program caters to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. We offer afternoon, evening, and weekend trips to nearby ski resorts during the winter season, providing ample opportunity for practice and enjoyment. Additionally, we have partnered with local ski resort, Pleasant Mountain, to offer our students discounted seasonal passes and ski rentals.

Alpine skier going down the mountain

Alpine Skiing

We offer Alpine Varsity teams for both boys and girls. Our teams race Salomon and Giant Salomon at our local ski resort, Pleasant Mountain, which has the largest night skiing in the area.  In 2019, the girls' Alpine won the Western Maine Conference Championship. 

Nordic skier racing down the trail.

Nordic Skiing

We offer Nordic Varsity ski teams for both boys and girls.  They compete in the Western Maine Conference in both Classic and Skate races.  Our local trails at Stark’s Hill provide our skiers with some of the best practice trails and allow us to host many races, including the Regional Championships.

Slolom skier coming down the mountain near a blue ski race flag.

MWV Ski Team Program

The Mount Washington Valley Ski Team provides an outstanding program of ski education, training, and racing for U21, U18, U16, and U14 ski racers, including physically challenged athletes, in all levels of competition in the Eastern Region as well as select National and International events sanctioned by the United States Ski Association (USSA) and the International Federation of Skiing (FIS).

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