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Visual Arts


Faculty member conducting a drawing demonstration for students.
Students in film-making workshop with green screen.

Self-Expression Through the Beauty of Art 

Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply looking to develop your skills, Fryeburg Academy's Visual Arts program offers a supportive and inspiring environment to help you achieve your goals.

Fryeburg Academy's Visual Arts program offers diverse drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and photography courses. Students can explore and experiment with different mediums to find their unique style, and the faculty are recognized artists themselves who are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The program hosts various exhibitions in the Nadler Student Gallery throughout the year, allowing students to showcase their work and share their talents with the community. 

Photography + Film

In our Photography I + II class, you will get to know that photography is an art form. We will explore different styles and learn to appreciate each other's work. We will also understand how photography plays a vital role in our daily lives and how we can use it to share our stories and influence others globally.  Photography is for everyone who wants to learn something new. You can even earn credits towards college with our dual enrollment Digtial Photo course!

In our Film-Making I workshop, you will learn how to create movies, almost like they do in Hollywood! It is an opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge and experience in writing, shooting, acting, and editing their own films. In Film-Making II students have the popportunity to develop and enhance their filmmaking skills, resulting in the production of their own unique short films. They will have access to professional-grade cameras, lighting equipment, and Final Cut editing software, offering them a chance to work with the same tools used in the motion picture industry today.


Picture of screen with shadow people performing on stage behind it.

Interested in a dedicated Arts capstone experience?

Check out the Arts Certificate Program.

Did You Know?

With our dual enrollment program with Central Maine Community College, you can earn 3.0 credits while taking our Digital Photo course at the Academy. Get a head start!

Meet the Visual Arts Faculty

Ian Factor

Titles: Arts Faculty

Jennifer Bartlett

Class of 1993
Titles: Photography and Biology Instructor

Amanda Hayford

Titles: Teacher: Film

Browse our student artwork.

Collage with be kind cut out
Collage of pull with rock sign
Cartoon characters sketched on piece of a book.
Painted illustration of man floating in space.
Painted moon and sun on bright blue background.
Charcoal illustration in different colors of people
Painting of two skeletons in an embrace on fire red background.
Collage using paperstrips to create the American Flag.
Multimedia art on bright yellow paper with poem about bees.