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Arts Certificate Program


Picture of sequential sketches showing progress over time.
Senior on stage discussing her capstone project on poetry

Discovering Art Through Real-World Experiences & Hands-on Learning

Are you an art student looking to strengthen your portfolio for college admission? Do you want to gain more knowledge in a particular field and build your artistic abilities? Look no further than the Fryeburg Academy Certificate of Arts program!

Our program offers a general arts certification or a more concentrated study in performing or visual arts. You will be paired with a faculty mentor who will guide you in your studies throughout your time here. Our program allows you to participate in coursework, independent studies, and capstone projects to showcase your skills.

Not only that, but our program also gives you the chance to visit local galleries and meet artists and performers from the area, providing you with real-world experiences and a deeper understanding of what it takes to have a career in the field.

Our students have produced some amazing capstone projects. Willow Carter '22 wrote and sang the award-winning song "Midnight Drive." Brendan Simkins '21 transcribed a collection of historical jazz solos, and Mary Jane Owens '21 illustrated a hand-drawn coloring book. What will you accomplish?


“The program helps those serious about the arts to meet others with the same passion as themselves. The capstone project at the end of your senior year allows art students to showcase their work, share their growth, and journey with others. Ultimately, it connects all the arts together, so those in the program get the rare chance of meeting so many people with a variety of interests in other fields…opening up a sea of opportunities for collaboration in the future.”