Our academic program is designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in a complex world.  From outstanding advanced courses in all subjects, to outstanding arts programs, to experiential offerings, our curriculum is diverse, dynamic and able to meet the needs of a wide range of students.

World Classroom@FA

A Learning Community Beyond Borders

World Classroom@FA was developed to meet the evolving landscape of education and the changing needs of students and families.

Students have the option of taking one or as many as five online courses to enroll as a full-time student and earn an accredited U.S. high school diploma. All of FA's online courses are synchronous-learning based, where groups of students learn together and are guided by their instructors in virtual classrooms. This remote learning format is more conducive to collaboration and group discussions, project-based learning, and the building of community--an important trademark of a Fryeburg Academy education.

World Classroom@FA offers the school's popular college-prep courses such as AP Chemistry, AP History, and AP Statistics as well as electives in SAT prep, ESOL, and American Studies. Additionally, distance learners will receive individualized college counseling from our post-secondary planning and school counselors to guide them towards their academic goals. 

Students may participate in the online program for one semester of an academic year, followed by an on-campus semester, or complete their entire academic year remotely. The goal of the program is to provide students and families with the most flexibility to offer a unique Fryeburg Academy experience.

World Classroom@FA Mission Statement

Fryeburg Academy has long served high school students from its local Maine area, elsewhere in the nation, and around the world. Since 1792, our school has been guided by the belief that personal connection, community belonging, and adapting to student needs are essential elements for the success and well-being of young people. In its World Classroom program, the Academy expands upon its traditions of multiculturalism and meeting students where they are, both educationally and geographically, and bringing them forward. Designed for those whose lives are distant from campus, the World Classroom @FA is a vibrant 21st-century educational experience, offering online learning that is outstanding and flexible, and relationships that matter.

World Classroom@FA Schedule

Program Highlights

Strong Academics

  • Synchronous (realtime) class instruction
  • High-class standards, frequent teacher contact
  • Fewer tasks, class instruction
  • Quality out of class assignments
  • Multiple class meetings per week
  • Teachers available for tutorial and assistance regularly 
  • Dedicated time for individual check-ins and advisory

Designed for the 21st-Century

  • Less direct instruction “class time” allows for better-planned lessons, and quality out of classwork
  • Encourages more responsibility for the student and better preparation for post-secondary education
  • A schedule that allows for more office hours for individual and small group attention

    • Learn more about FA's remote-learning program.

2020-21 WC@FA Prices

$20,000 per year

for full schedule (5 classes)

$2,500 additional fee

for beginner ESL courses

$5,000 per quarter

for a full schedule

$5,000 per course per year

$1,250 per course per quarter



May Term  

2020-21 WC@FA Dates

Quarter 1

September 8 to October 23

Quarter 2

October 26 to December 18

Quarter 3

January 4 to March 5

Quarter 4

March 8 to May 21

May Term (in-person only)

May 24 to June 11

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