Our academic program is designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in a complex world.  From outstanding advanced courses in all subjects, to outstanding arts programs, to experiential offerings, our curriculum is diverse, dynamic and able to meet the needs of a wide range of students.

Tutorial Support Program

Program Overview

Fryeburg’s Tutorial Support Program provides academic support services for those residential and commuter day students with diverse learning needs, whether documented and diagnosed or not. The aim of the Tutorial Support Program is to facilitate educational success by equipping students with varied and transferrable strategies for effective learning across the curriculum, and it carries additional fees above regular residential or commuter day tuition.

Program Features

  • Wraparound support: Individual students each have a support team comprised of the Tutorial Support Program teacher, school counselor, and– as appropriate and necessary– dorm parents, therapeutic counselors, and deans.
  • Daily learning support within the school-day schedule will include traditional tutorial assistance, but the emphasis will be on developing executive functioning and self-management skills.

  • Individualized learning plans: The Tutorial Support teacher will lead the development and delivery of student-specific learning plans, including goals and outcomes, that can be shared with relevant school personnel.
  • Enhanced communication: Parents and guardians will have access to the Tutorial Support teacher as a point person and receive more frequent progress check-ins.

  • Addressing personal management deficits in non-academic contexts: the program will assist in developing functional skills.

Skills Development

  • Setting, tracking, and meeting goals
  • Developing an approach to homework planning
  • Employing process-based writing in the context of academic classes
  • Planning for short and long-term projects; studying for tests
  • Organizing notebooks, homework, and course materials
  • Taking notes, organizing information, and research
  • Managing time and prioritizing tasks
  • Developing advocacy skills

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