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Technical Arts


Faculty member Bob Pulito in his technical arts workshop
Student working in technical arts creating a wooden shelf.

Building Critical Skills Needed in the Workforce

Fryeburg Academy has an exceptional Technical Arts program that provides students with hands-on experience in woodworking and machine fabrication. 

This program is comprehensive and aims to equip students with various skills and techniques needed for working with wood, metal, and plastic materials. In the woodworking component, students acquire a solid foundation in fundamental woodworking skills, such as measuring, cutting, and joining wood. They learn how to use a wide range of hand and power tools and explore techniques for shaping and finishing wood. Recent projects include building cutting boards for the student test kitchen and creating footblocks for the art room's pottery wheels.

In the machine fabrication module, students learn how to weld intricate parts using a CNC router. They develop skills such as replacing a Kubota's floorboards or welding a stick holder for the field hockey team. The program aims to help students acquire critical workforce skills and apply those skills to real-world problems.

Meet the Technical Arts Faculty

Robert Pulito

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