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Academic Support


Student receiving tutorial support from a female teacher in the library.

Tailored Supports to Meet Your Needs  

Fryeburg Academy’s Tutorial Support Program offers academic support services to residential and commuter day students.

The cost of our services is $5,500 and is designed to cater to students with diverse learning needs, whether diagnosed, documented or not. The program aims to help students succeed academically by providing various transferable strategies for effective learning across different curricula. 

The Tutorial Support Program at Fryeburg Academy offers several key features to help students with diverse learning needs reach their full potential.

Program Features

"My child struggled with math for years, and we tried everything we could think of to help him improve. But it wasn't until we found FA's tutorial support services that we saw real progress. The tutors were patient, knowledgeable, and really knew how to connect with him. They pinpointed areas of weakness and provided targeted support that made a huge difference. Thanks to the Academy, our son has not only improved their grades in math but also gained more confidence in their abilities.”