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Commencement Weekend 2024

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Commencement Weekend 2024

On Friday, May 24th, graduating seniors attended the Baccalaureate. Faculty member Robert Pulito gave the Baccalaureate speech to students, family, and friends. Class of 2024 seniors Abigail Pratt, Vice President, and Egeman Sari presented the class gift, which was a monetary contribution towards the Head of School Wish List. Additionally, seniors Isabel Macht, Secretary/Treasurer, and Austin Dorner presented to the Project Graduation Committee.

During the Senior Awards segment, over 65 graduating seniors received awards and prizes, totaling nearly $125,000 in scholarships. After the Baccalaureate, seniors and their families went to the Fryeburg Fairgrounds for the annual car parade.

On Saturday, May 25th, 191 seniors graduated as the 232nd Class in the Academy's history. The commencement took place outdoors on the Main Building's front lawn. Class of 2024 co-presidents Arkie Baptista and Natalie Berry welcomed guests and the Class of 2024 to the celebratory event. Class speakers included Arkie Baptista, Tyler Smith, and Emily Chaine.

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Excerpts from Class Speakers:

I am going to miss the purple mountains to the west, watching games on the turf field, and being asked if I scanned my card multiple times a meal. Fryeburg Academy is a very meaningful place. The lessons I've learned here will continue to be used for the rest of my life. The people, the arts, the athletics, the academics—they mean something to me, to my peers, and to the future of Fryeburg Academy.--Arkie Baptista '24


F.A. has 2 letters; so does us

Working has 7 letters; so does success 

Try has 3 letters; so does win

I think we should always give our best effort, no matter the situation, and focus on the positives instead of letting the negatives weigh us down. --Tyler Smith '24


So as we leave here today, I won't simply wish you success and happiness as I’m sure so many will. Instead, I’ll challenge you.

I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and confront the discomfort because it is in those hard but temporary moments that you’ll experience true growth and get closer to your full potential. 

I say this in the best way possible…..May you all be uncomfortable

Thank you and best of luck class of 2024. 

I challenge you all. --Emily Chaine '24
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