2018 Fall Sports Awards Night

On Wednesday, November 14, the 2018 Fall Sports Awards Night was held at the Harvey Dow Gibson Athletic Center to recognize outstanding student-athletes who played during the fall season. Eight different sports were represented along with 197 student-athletes and their respective coaches who attended the evening’s event with family and friends.
The night commenced with opening remarks by senior Caroline Condon, who is positioned to qualify as a four-year athlete in 12 sports at FA, having played field hockey, soccer, softball and run Indoor track. The evening also showcased a sports montage video created by Will Marshall ’21.
The following student-athletes received awards in the following sports:
Mountain Biking
Raider Award- Andrew Turner ’21
Field Hockey
Most Valuable Defender-Tina LeBlanc ’19
Coach’s Award-Abigail Hewes ’20
Raider Award-Arnold Jaber ’19
Raider Award-Yujia “Nora” Zhai ’22
Raider Award-Hsu-Ting “Conor” Chang ’19
Boys’ Cross Country                           
Iron Will Award- Alfie Walker ’19
The “Rock” Award-Liam Friberg ’22
Girls’ Cross Country
Iron Will Award-Alanna Nataluk ’22
The “Rock” Award-Merys Carty ’20
Boys’ Soccer
Raider Award-Gaige Daigle ’19
Raider Award-Gunnar Gurnis ’19
Girls’ Soccer
Most Improved Player-Lucy Hodgman-Burns
Coach’s Award-Nicole DePaulo ’19

Head of School Award –The Head of School Award recognizes a student-athlete with four years of success in his or her athletic pursuits and who demonstrate outstanding citizenship and sportsmanship in the process. This year’s award goes to senior, Alfie Walker.
All-Academic Senior Awards – This award recognizes seniors who maintain a 3.2 GPA. Recipients of the award went to the following student-athletes:
Field Hockey
Camelia Ghadfa
Tina LeBlanc
Caleb Bowles
Tucker Buzzell
Liam Chisari  
Arnold Jaber
Reece Kneissler
Oscar Saunders
Cross Country
Maddie Choyce  
Zoe Maguire
Sam Paulding
Antonin Santarelli    

Conor Chang  
Boys’ Soccer
Gaige Daigle
Tyreese Deloath-Jeffreys
Gunner Gurnis  
Girls’ Soccer
Caroline Condon    
Nicole DePaulo
Brooke Juneau
River Lusky
Silvia Sanchez-Serre
Mailna Voter
All-Conference Awards -  This award recognizes student-athletes for their performance, statistics, and character. Awards are nominated by conference commissioners and/or sport chairs. Recipients of the award went to the following student-athletes:
Luna Barrionuevo- Girls’ Soccer
Caleb Bowles- Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
Tucker Buzzell- Campbell Conference Football 1st Team
Jack Campbell- Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
Conor Chang- 1st Team Golf
Gaige Daigle- All-Conference Honorable mention
Gunnar Gurnis- Boys’ Soccer 2nd  Team
Nick Kenerson-All-Conference Honorable Mention
Nicole DePaolo- Honorable Mention Girls’ Soccer
Kaylee Emery- 2nd Team FH
Josh Frye- Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
Morgan Fusco- All-Conference Girls Soccer
Abigail Hewes -1st Team FH team Field Hockey
Arnold Jaber- Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
Brooke Juneau- Honorable Mention Girls’ Soccer
Nate Knapp- Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
Reese Kneissler- Campbell Conference Football 1st Team
Tina LeBlanc -1st Team Field Hockey
Kempton Maillett- Campbell Conference Honorable Mention
Bridget O’Neil- 2nd Team Field Hockey
Alanna Nataluk- 2nd Team Cross Country
Oscar Saunder - Campbell Conference Football 1st Team
Calvin Southwick- Campbell Conference Football 1st Team
Malina Voter - Honorable Mention Girls’ Soccer
Alfie Walker- All-Conference Cross Country 1st Team
Nora Zhai- All-Conference Golf

The Maine Field Hockey Coaches Association All-Academic Award went to Abigail Hewes ’20, who will be invited to a luncheon and recognized at the State level.

Raider Booster Club “Super Fan Award”
Stephen Huff ’19
Grace Quinn ’19

3-Star Student-Athletes – Student-athletes who have lettered for the 3rd time as an athlete here at Fryeburg Academy in a single sport or a combination of three went to the following recipients:
James Littlefield ’20 (last spring)
Jack Campbell ’20
Conor Chang ’19
Gaige Daigle ’19
Sharlah-Mae Day ’21
Conor Delaney ’20
William Fitzgerald ’20
Katie Flynn ’20
Morgan Fusco ’21
Lucy Hodgman-Burns ’21
Arnold Jaber ’19
Bobby LeBlanc ’20
Eli Mahan ’21
Josh Mattei ’20
Aiden McLaughlin ’21
Kyle Mercier ’20
Eddie Thurston ’21
Kayla Willard ’20

List of 5 news stories.

  • FA Wins Gold at Maine Music Educators Association Vocal Jazz & Show Choir Festival

    On Saturday, March 30, 2019, members of the Fryeburg Academy Vocal Jazz Ensemble performed at the Maine Music Educators Association Vocal Jazz and Show Choir Festival, where they earned the coveted Gold rating, averaging a score of 97 out of 100 points possible.  And, since they secured one of the top two spots in their division, FA’s Vocal Jazz Ensemble was invited to compete for first place in the “Night Finals.”
  • Fryeburg Academy Students Win 2nd Place at the 73rd Maine State Science Fair

    On Saturday, March 23, senior Antonina "Tonia"  Zakorchemna and junior Artem Laptiev — both international resident students from Ukraine — participated in the 73rd Maine State Science Fair at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. The annual fair is organized by the Jackson Laboratory and the Reach Program—a program of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance.
  • FA Attends the National High School Model United Nations in NYC

    This year, 22 students traveled to New York City to attend the four-day National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) Conference on March 1-4.  Now in its 45th year, the NHSMUN is the largest and most prestigious conference, hosting over 5000 participants from more than 75 countries and 300 schools. The New York-based conference-- surrounded by offices of Permanent Missions to the United Nations as well as the United Nations Headquarters itself--provides the perfect backdrop for a robust international affairs experience and a broadening of global issues awareness. Students are provided with an unparalleled opportunity to experience the theory and practice of international relations firsthand and have the opportunity to attend the opening or closing ceremonies in the UN General Assembly chamber, where actual diplomats convene every year.
  • FA Wins Silver and Bronze at the Maine State Instrumental Jazz Festival

    On March 15 and 16, FA's Jazz bands traveled to South Portland High School to attend the Maine State Instrumental Jazz Festival. The New Standard Combo and FA Big Band both performed very well, earning silver while the Yukon King Combo and Fryeburg Academy Jazz Orchestra won bronze. It is noteworthy that FA's New Standard Combo earned 74 out of 75 points for their performances--one point shy of claiming the gold standard and was one of the highest scoring combo performances of the event.

    At the festival, Georgia Stafford '19 won the Dale Huff Outstanding Musicianship Award--awarded to the top-rated musician in the combo division. Other outstanding performances recognized at the jazz festival were as follows:

  • FA's Math Team Captures the Regional Title

    The Fryeburg Academy Math Team finished the season by defending their Pi-Cone League Championship title at Leavitt High School on March 6th. The Pi-Cone League consists of 14 teams from 11 regional high schools throughout Central Maine. Five meets were held this year from October through March.  50 Fryeburg Academy students competed on the math team, the highest number of participants on record. Senior team captains Antonina Zackorchemna '19 and Celine Lyu '19 did an outstanding job of leading the team this year.  Weekly practices were held at the LaCasse Dining Hall.

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