STUDENT PROFILE: Silvia Sanchez-Serra '19

Q. Where did you grow up and why you decide to attend Fryeburg Academy?
A. I grew up in a small fishing town 30 minutes away from Barcelona. It’s a small community, yet I am close to a really big city which I think is a really great way to grow up. My cousin came previously to Fryeburg and he gave me a really positive review so I had no doubt, hearing what he said, that I wanted to come here.
Q. How has your experience been at FA?  Are there any particular classes, teachers, or clubs that you loved while here?
A. My experience has been awesome. The community here is outstanding. I really like all of my classes, my teachers and the opportunities offered. But what stands out the most is that I can take advanced placement classes and at the same time I can focus on my sports after school and arts after dinner. It’s a great way to get involved in everything. Fryeburg makes it really easy to do it all. (How did you make the decision to stay more than one year?) February of my first year when I started to realize that the end of the school year was coming and I that soon I would have to leave Fryeburg behind and return to Spain. It was then when I started thinking about the idea of staying and putting it out to my parents; and since they saw I was having a lot of fun, learning so much and extremely happy, they did not doubt in giving me the chance to stay. There was a lot of talking and decision-making, but yes, I decided to stay in the end. It was how much Fryeburg offers and its people what marked my decision.

Q. What are some memorable moments from your time as a student here?
A. Definitely Dorm Olympics, I remember both years being really great intense experiences. You get to know all of the dorm students even more and you become an even tighter family. I also remember when we went to the Berkeley Jazz Festival with vocal jazz and big band. It was incredible how much I learned and how many awesome people I had the chance to meet in a single weekend. I won’t forget either all the different sports seasons. The long bus rides, the tough games… you get the chance to know people even closer and make friends for life.

Q. After FA, where did you plan to attend college and what do you plan to study?
A. I have a lot of decisions to make. I’m probably going to go back to Spain for college. I think it offers what is best for me and for my future. However, since we have great school counselors here, my parents have advised me not to close any doors. So, I will still apply to a couple of colleges in the U.S. that are highly competitive because maybe a bell rings. However, the option of going back will always be open. I think I would like to study applied engineering and then do a masters in business. I like the math and science field but would prefer to work in the business one, so I think that’s my best option.

Q. How did FA prepare you for the next step in your educational journey?
A. Fryeburg has definitely prepared me for the outside world. Here, you are surrounded by so many different people from so many different backgrounds, cultures, and options that you have to learn how to work with people who are completely different from you. I think Fryeburg has also prepared me for college since I’ve had the chance to take many APs and college level courses.

Q. Do you have any words of wisdom to share with FA students or students who are applying?
A. I think you have to come here and be really open-minded, be willing to try new things and be prepared to go out of your comfort zone. Also, do not be scared to talk to people here because I think that is when you learn the most.


List of 5 news stories.

  • FA's Goldberg Gallery Presents “Come as You Are" —A Collection of Oil Paintings by Amy C. Laskin

    During May and June 2019, the Goldberg Gallery at Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine is pleased to announce that it will host a collection of oil paintings, featuring the work of artist Amy C. Laskin. Laskin. Laskin describes her work as a combination of phantasy and reality--often combining the unusual.  "My paintings often focus on an anonymous nonrepresentational figure comprised of natural elements and unusual combinations,” says Laskin. “I am interested in decorative language and the assemblage of forms which are placed in situations existing in a natural worldly environment. Ostensibly, these combinations are of a surrealistic and mythical nature presented in a cogent way to suggest something phantasmagorical."
  • Yearbook Awards Assembly 2019

    On Thursday, May 23, the following students were recognized at the Yearbook Awards Assembly. This year, the yearbook was dedicated to former faculty member John Atwood. Congratulations to all!  To view the complete picture album, please click here.

    Bausch and Lomb Science Award
    This award is presented in recognition of superior scientific aptitude by the Bausch and Lomb
    Vye Nguyen ‘20

    Harold Sanborn Industrial Arts Award
    The Harold Sanborn Industrial Arts Award is presented to the junior who best exemplifies the
    standards of quality work and craftsmanship that Mr. Sanborn had set forth during his 34 years
    of teaching.
    Elijah Howe ‘20

    Clarence G. Walker Industrial Arts Award
    Given each year to the sophomore girl or boy who has done the best work in industrial arts
    during the year.
    Jacques Dupuis ‘21

    Dartmouth College Book Award
    This award is given on behalf of the Dartmouth Club of Maine to a deserving, well-rounded
    junior with academic achievement.
    Kaylee Emery ‘20
  • Family Connections Program

    This year, Fryeburg Academy’s international students received a warm welcome from local families who volunteered to host new students as part of FA’s new Family Connections Program. The program brings local families and international students together for support, cultural exchange, and an introduction to American culture. “I was all for getting involved,” said Andrea Macht (‘86). “It was a total blessing that Mia was from Germany. My children know the language and visit family in Germany once or twice a year.”
  • Fryeburg Academy Places 3rd at 2019 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

    Fryeburg Academy is excited to announce that junior Artem Laptiev ‘20 and senior Antonina Zakorchemna ‘19 placed 3rd at the 2019 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair on May 12-17 in Pheonix, Arizona.
  • 2019 NHS Induction at Fryeburg Academy

    On Monday, April 29, Fryeburg Academy celebrated the induction of 19 new members to the National Honor Society (NHS). Students who join the National Honor Society must have a high academic standard (a minimum of 3.0), exemplify leadership, good citizenship, and community service. The following students were inducted: Seniors: Celine Lyu, Hailie Zhu, Tonia Zakorchemna; Juniors: Ryan Duffy, Dawson Jones, Sophie Kummer, Sonia Leone, Lillian Nylin, Julianna Stanton, Kaia Staples, Danielle Tait, and Purlin Twig-Smith; Sophomores: Ella Baptista, Samantha Carus, Lilah Felix, Morgan Fusco, Sasha Maguire, Grace Marshall, and Margaret Powers. Academy faculty member Sally Gibson was the guest speaker at the ceremony. To read her speech, please click here.

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