The Global Studies Program

What is the Global Studies Program?
The global studies program at Fryeburg Academy is designed to complement students’ educational experiences by exposing them to the complexities of our global society.  By focusing on geography, economics, cultures, world languages, the environment and service learning opportunities, students will expand their awareness of our rapidly changing world.  In doing so they will be better prepared to examine the challenging questions and situations that they will encounter in the twenty-first century.  This program is open to all students.  Those who are interested in earning the certificate should complete the application (available below) preferably during their freshman or sophomore year.

Students Will:
  • Understand that there are commonalities connecting all cultures.
  • Appreciate new knowledge systems or ways of thinking about the world.
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in a spoken world language.
  • Understand and promote their role in fostering environmental sustainability.
  • Investigate multiple perspectives on global issues.
  • Develop a genuine concern for world problems and engage in global service.
  • Promote communication in various forms including the arts and technology.
  • Develop a high proficiency in world geography.
Required Courses:
  • Global Studies, or Environmental Studies, or Environmental Science, or Global Cities
  • World Geography
  • World History or AP World History or Multicultural World History
  • Eight Semesters of a World Language: Chinese, French, Spanish or English (for non-native English speakers)
  • Senior Seminar in Global Studies
  • World Literature
Elective Courses
Students must earn four credits from the following:
Latin, World Francophone Cultures, Economics, Visions of the Underworld, Ethics, Entrepreneurship Center Courses, Global Cities, Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, Global Studies, Gothic Literature, Ecology. Literature of the Holocaust. AP Literature, AP European History, Public Speaking, Eastern Religions, Western Religions, World Music, World Theater, International Film

Global Cross-cultural and Service Experience

  • Students must be active members of one of the following clubs: International Club, FACE, Interact, Model UN, French Club, Environmental Club, History Club.
  • Each semester, students must participate in five hours of community service and must attend one of the following: lecture series, an event at the Center for Cultural Exchange or other activities as advertised by the global studies director. With approval, students may host an international student or travel on a school trip.
  • Students must participate in at least one global service trip. These trips will be offered by Fryeburg Academy.  Trips not organized by the Academy must be pre-approved by the global studies committee.
Senior Seminar
This course will be required of all seniors in the global studies certificate program.  Students will be responsible for a culminating project and presentation in the course.